Would you like to find the perfect pet for you and your family? Try taking a few of these quizzes to see what dog or cat might be the best breed for you! How about taking a look at our local Pennington County Humane Society website for an adorable loving pet. Valley Animal Hospital partners with Pennington County Humane Society  in Thief River Falls for many years and will take care of any spay, neuter and rabies vaccines that may be needed if you adopt through them. That means you just need to schedule an appointment with us to get them spayed or neutered if they are  not already scheduled and the best part is it’s no expense to you!

Didn’t find a pet at Pennington County Humane Society? Well, be sure to check back to their website occasionally and try taking a look at the Circle of Friends Animal Shelter in Grand Forks, ND. They have all sorts of furry friends just waiting for the right home as well.

AKC Dog Breed Selector

Vetstreet Breed Finder

Try taking a look at this article on the AKC website to see what dog may be right for you!